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 Sunday, September 14th, 2014/ 1:00pm-3:30pm

Bend & Bloom Yoga, Brooklyn

“Heels Over Head” Inversion Intensiveforearmbalsplitsbright

In this 2.5 hour practice, we will build strength and intelligence in the key muscles used in inversions. Inversions often bring up fear.  The possibility of falling or failing is scary. Going upside down requires a sense of humor, courage, focused breath, and a deep connection to core.  Forrest Yoga helps you to feel stronger in all parts of your body so that you begin to trust your abilities. Suddenly what seemed risky becomes exhilarating!

“You have to do something two hundred times before the fear will disperse. Are you still afraid of something? Just do it again. Do it again. Do it again”- Ana Forrest, Fierce Medicine      

This class is open to students of all levels.  Beginners will be given poses to help build strength in order to one day go into handstand and forearm balance.  Advanced students will have the opportunity to work away from the wall.


Hands On Assisting Workshop for Yoga Teachers: Discover the art of touch

SAVE THE DATE: Stay tuned for workshop date

Magical hands-on assists are often the missing piece that can turn a mediocre yoga class into an amazing yoga class.  Learning to touch students from a heart-felt place takes practice and dedication.  In this workshop we will focus on reversing the bad habits of assisting, start to build confidence in our hands, and touch our students so that they feel seen and understood.  We will cover a ton of poses applicable to any style of yoga as well as ways of working with injuries.   Come with questions and a desire to learn.

We will kick off the training with a 2 hour yoga intensive which will get us feeling into our bodies and connecting to the heartfelt energy needed for compassionate assists.  We will heat up the channel of energy that runs from the heart to the hands.  Learning to breathe into your heart while teaching and assisting will transform your classes.  Instead of feeling exhausted after class, you will feel fulfilled and enlivened.






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