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Friday, December 5th @ 6:30pm-8:30pm/ $35.00

Bend & Bloom Yoga to register

This 2 hour Forrest Yoga class is devoted  to YOU. Take a time out for yourself in the midst of the most hectic time of year.  “Ground, Center, Breathe, Feel”- let this be your new mantra as you begin the process of opening your heart to yourself and others. Learn to do this in a way that feels energizing, not exhausting.  This juicy class will  include shoulder and neck therapeutics and yummy backbends and inversions to elevate your mood.   All levels welcome!


handsonchichesterabs_optHands On Assisting & Continuing Education for Yoga Teachers

Refine your teaching & reignite your passion

February 21st & 22nd- Bend & Bloom Yoga, Brooklyn, NY

$180 (Early Bird $165)


Not a yoga teacher, but considering a training in the future?  Please contact Denise for details about participating.

Hands On Assisting

Learn to touch students from a heart-felt place

Reverse bad habits of assisting

Build confidence in our hands

Pose assists applicable to any style of yoga

Ways of working with injuries

Teaching authentically

Learn to speak with clarity and brevity

Voice projection and breathing while you teach

Break out of the “supposed to” box and teach as yourself

Ways of staying passionate and not burning out

We will kick off each day with a yoga class which will get us feeling into our bodies and connecting to the heartfelt energy needed for compassionate speaking and  assisting.  Learning to breathe into your heart while teaching and assisting will transform your classes.  Instead of feeling exhausted after class, you will feel fulfilled and enlivened.

**Fee includes materials cost

**All hours will apply to Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits






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